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Established in 2010, Elite Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. (EHR)  aims to be the preferred partner of choice and a premier service provider. 

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To this end, Elite HR is committed to the highest level of work in every aspect of our business life; in the results we achieve, in the ethics of our practice, and in our ongoing relationship with our clients, candidates, and colleagues.
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About Us

With a deep understanding of the dynamic nature of the workforce, we offer innovative and tailored solutions that address the unique challenges faced by businesses today.

We are a leading staffing and HR consultancy in Nepal, offering specialized services through our boutique business units. Our comprehensive solutions cater to diverse industry sectors, providing a true one-stop solution. As market leaders in recruitment, we optimize organizational performance and help individuals make informed career choices. With a perfect blend of entrepreneurial energy and corporate structure, we pride ourselves on delivering cost-effective results. Our meticulous processes ensure high-quality human resources for our clients, making us a trusted partner in their success.

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Our Team

At Elite Human Resource Pvt. Ltd., our expert team brings years of experience in comprehensive recruitment and personnel support. Led by our Managing Director, we provide strategic direction and personalized service to organizations. With a panel of experienced professionals, we execute the recruitment process tailored to the employer's needs. Through teamwork and effective communication, we deliver exceptional results for our clients. Trust us to meet your recruitment needs and experience excellence in action.


Expertise Across Departments: Our Dynamic Recruitment Team

  • Technical Consultants & Sourcing Department
  • HR & Mobilization Department
  • Visa Processing Department
  • Immigration Department
  • Ticketing & Travel Department
  • IT Department

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