Our entire international partner should follow the procedure in order to recruit Nepali nationals.  Please be advised to go through the following list of requirements. It is strongly recommended to put these documents in the order given so as to expedite the process:

1. Demand Letter : It must consistwith full information on number and gender of workers, basic salary, working hours and days, food, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, workmen’s      compensation insurance, joining and return ticket. SAMPLE DOWNLOAD HERE

2. Power  of Attorney: It is to authorize Elite Human Resource Pvt. Ltd. bearing govt. License No.1012 issued by the Department of Labor, Ministry of labor and transport  Management to recruit and supply workers by recruiting company.  The Power of Attorney must have license   numbers of both Elite Human Resource and the recruiting company. SAMPLE DOWNLOAD HERE

3.Two-Party Agreement: This   is an agency agreement between Elite Human  Resource Pvt. Ltd. and the recruiting company. SAMPLE DOWNLOAD HERE

4. Guarantee Letter:  It is an undertaking by the recruiting company confirming that the worker(s)will not be asked to work in the company other than the specified one and will not be sent out of the recruiting country if the   company is multinational and also assuring  safety and security of female workers(Only if any recruited by the company). SAMPLE DOWNLOAD HERE

5. Employment Contract : It is an agreement between Employer and employee which should consist  employee’s name, passport no, Accommodation, Food, position, monthly salary, working hours and days, duration of contract, Transportation, probation period etc. SAMPLE DOWNLOAD HERE

6. Elite Human Resource Company incorporation Certificate. 

Notes:  Please note that the Demand Letter, Power of Attorney and a Two party Agreement need to be attested by the respective Chamber of Commerce in gulf countries before submitting it to the Nepal Embassy for the attestation.

In some recruiting countries the documents needs to be notarized by notary public before submitting it to the Nepal Embassy for the attestation.